Business Goals For the New Year – Part 1

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    December 16, 2018
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With the new year looming ahead, it is time to get your business in tiptop shape. A new year is a fresh new start for everyone and the same can be said for your business. So, be prepared to dazzle. 

1. Increase productivity in your business

Review your current processes and eliminate that which is time consuming and does not work efficiently. By now, you would know what works for your business and what does not. Consider researching new trends in business technology and employing those instead. 

2. Reduce your business expenses

Cut out all expenses that are unnecessary and that can be used for emergencies. Do you really need to rent such a big space? Do you need to use this particular material over that? Alternatively, can you use something similar? 

3. Hire your first employee

If you find you are bogged down by admin or tedious processes that is just too time consuming and leaves you straddling to get things done, then consider hiring your first employee. This will cut down on time and increase productivity. Consider hiring someone on a temporary basis during your busy period or simply as a test run. Always consult your budget first; perhaps you can afford an employee on a half day. 

4. Ramp up your customer service process

No matter what, as business owners, we should know that customer is king. In order to generate income and become a powerful brand, your customer’s response to your product or service is important. Consider revising your customer service to ensure that your customer’s are serviced efficiently. 

5. Increase traffic on your business website or blog

There are many educational sites out there teaching you on how to gain more traffic. Consider researching this along with new methods, many service providers offer tutorials free. 

6. Launch a new product 

Having something that is innovative and in harmony with your business can be an advantage and add more traffic to your site, not to mention, more revenue. 

7. Use social media marketing in your business

Social media is a brilliant tool to getting your business out there into the public. Billions are on social media and the reach is easy. Get your business out there on all social media platforms, remember to use them regularly and link them back to your site.

8. Strategize your posts 

It is important to note when your audience is at its peak. Schedule posts, launches, new ideas and thought provoking insights during your busiest period. Set up a plan and break it into four quarters for the year, for example, if launching a product get the idea out there first to test the waters. Get feedback in your second quarter, prepare a soft launch in your third and finally the actual launch in your forth. 

9. Open a business location

If you are still working from your room with towers of boxes, consider opening a business location, if not then a storage space and getting insurance in case of damage. You could also consider a launch party if you are opening up your business to the public.

10. Go paperless

Get rid of all your loose papers, files, and go digital. Store your information on your laptop and hard drive and any other devices as back up. It is better to work in a decluttered environment.

Sheinna Mungroo

A South African native undertaking her Master’s in Human Resource Management. Her primary objective is balancing the needs and goals of both the company and the workforce to create a harmonious employee-and business-centric atmosphere whilst improving the standing of women in upper management. She’s an avid lover of books, fashion, beauty, the arts, flowers and cool notebooks. She was also a Finalist for the Miss India South Africa 2017 pageant. Sheinna believes in exploring as many creative streams in life as this is a form of expression and a link between our internal and external worlds. When she’s not painting up a storm, she loves exploring new cafés and chocolate desserts. 

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  1. I think this is great! As a new upcoming entrepreneur, starting a business is a first for me. In 2018, I found my calling and now I’m 2019 I’m ready to take it on full force. Still doing homework to grow my work and positively impact others, but I see a successful future ahead! I appreciate articles such as you alls that give quick tips and educate. So, thank you again! I look forward to reading more! If you get the opportunity, please be sure to stop by my website: & let me know what you think! I can also be followed on IG: @shewhoembraces01 & FB: She Who Embraces.
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