Building Memorable Brands and Activating Brand Legacies

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    May 26, 2023
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Building Memorable Brands and Activating Brand Legacies

Teri Patrick, the visionary Founder and CEO of The Social Acre, has carved a formidable path in the business world. With her expertise as a brand strategist, marketing consultant, podcast host, and advocate for women-owned home and lifestyle brands, Teri has become a respected voice in the industry, known for her unique approach to building memorable brands.

Throughout her illustrious career, Teri has masterfully crafted numerous startup brands, curated extensive marketing portfolios, and played an integral role on the board of a female-led non-profit organization. These experiences have shaped her dynamic perspective on business growth and the art of creating brands that leave a lasting legacy.

What are some of the key differentiators that set The Social Acre apart from other real estate marketing companies?

At Social Acre, we understand that for a business to be successful, it needs more than just a great website or online presence – it needs an impactful story and identity that will capture the attention of potential customers and keep them engaged. 

That’s why we developed The Memorable Brand Method™ – our signature for developing custom solutions tailored specifically for each client. The Memorable Brand Method™ uses our A.C.T.I.V.A.T.E framework, designed for home and lifestyle businesses to find their unique voice and activate their brand legacy through brand strategy, marketing and visibility. 

Authenticity is Key: Our Holistic Approach to Brand Development

I believe that your brand should be an extension of yourself – from your values to your mission; from your products to services; from your vision to execution – all of these things come together to form a cohesive story that will resonate with customers. My goal is simple: I want to help home brands realize their vision so they can make an impact and stand out in their industry.

At The Social Acre, we don’t just create a brand. We help our clients discover and showcase their true selves. Our holistic approach means we consider all the pieces that make up a memorable brand: brand voice, message, marketplace position, client experience and visual identity. By taking a step back and examining the bigger picture, we can build unique, long-lasting brand legacy’s. 

Can you tell us what are the things you have learned during the past few years in your business?

Growth doesn’t always mean more

Growth doesn’t always mean “more”… more money, more clients or more projects. Growth can also look like slowing down, re-evaluating and pulling back so you can then spring forward. It also looks like failing, learning and overcoming obstacles. 

Growth is not a linear path, it’s filled with ups and downs. It means learning from your mistakes and taking risks knowing that failure can often be part of the outcome. It also means stepping out of your comfort zone to challenge yourself and nurture new skills or ideas. Growth allows us to become more than we have ever been – it gives us the opportunity to discover who we really are and what our purpose is in life. The most rewarding part of growth is being able to look back on your journey and celebrate all that you’ve achieved. 

So embrace change, take risks, learn from mistakes, never give up and always keep growing! You’ll find satisfaction, success and ultimately happiness as a result.

Trust yourself first, then look for support

The best investment I have made in myself is taking the time to trust my gut. As entrepreneurs, we often think that the only way to grow is by getting advice from a mentor or coach. But if you don’t trust yourself first, it will be hard for someone else to guide you. Take the time to work through your own ideas before seeking external help. 

Once you are ready, there are plenty of ways to get expert advice – from attending courses and seminars to working with a business mentor. So lean into your boundaries, trust yourself and invest in the right external support when it comes to achieving long-term growth.

By taking the time to challenge yourself and rethink conventional approaches towards growth, you can create opportunities for sustainable success.

Taking the time to find aligned partnerships 

Not doing enough due diligence on the person I was looking to hire, created many disruptions down the road. Ask questions, read reviews, and assess whether or not the person you are looking to hire will offer the type of support you need is all part of this process. In doing so, you create a partnership that is aligned with your vision, goals and values – helping you achieve success in whatever venture you embark on. By taking the time for due diligence, it can save you from getting stuck in a situation that doesn’t serve your best interests. So don’t rush into decisions; instead, be wise and mindful in order to find a solution that works for everyone involved.  A little bit of effort now can go a long way in ensuring a successful outcome.

You don’t need a service for everything you’re an expert in

​​As a multi-talented entrepreneur in the online space, it can be tempting to offer every service you’re capable of. It makes sense – after all, if all your skills and knowledge could generate more income, why not? While this may seem like the most logical choice, it’s important to recognize when too much is simply too much. You don’t want to become overwhelmed with work or overstuffed offers that will only cause chaos and undo your simplified business model. 

Knowing when and how to say “no” can be just as important as knowing what types of services—and expertise—you should invest in. Not only will this help you maintain focus, it will also allow you to grow your business in a realistic and sustainable way. 

What I hope you can take away from this is that you can be an expert at something and still not have a service for it. You can be a top notch service provider and still be unavailable for random requests. Leaning into your boundaries with clients and being clear about what it is you can and can not do, is the first step to creating a more aligned and efficient business. 

There are a few key points to consider when deciding which services to offer:

1. What do you enjoy doing the most? Investing time into something that brings you joy is essential for both productivity and customer satisfaction.

2. Which areas can showcase your expertise? Offering services related to your core strengths will give clients more confidence

Don’t settle when things start to feel “easy”

I always believe in the power of curiosity and asking questions. It’s easy to take a back seat when you get into a steady flow and business is going well, but my advice is to never settle when things feel easy. Approaching your clients, community and business growth with utmost curiosity and a hunger to learn is the best way to avoid becoming stagnant. 

When you approach your business with an open mind, you give yourself the opportunity to explore new ideas, innovate, and boost client engagement. Make sure you challenge yourself to try new strategies and assess what works best for you and your clients — it’s a never-ending process of growth! Additionally, seeking out feedback from colleagues, peers or industry experts can help give valuable insight into how to improve current processes. By staying curious, inquisitive and engaged in the industry, you’ll be able to provide exceptional services each time.

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