Bringing Passion, Empathy, & Career Into One Powerful Mission

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    August 19, 2019
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The most beautiful essence of feminine entrepreneurship is the ability of a woman to bring passion, empathy, and career into one powerful mission.  Bianca Wise is one of those women who did just that. Born and raised in Baltimore City, Bianca Wise quickly built a name for herself through her leadership, caregiving, and dedication to service. 

Starting her career as an administrative assistant for the FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C., Bianca narrowed her vision by taking away the positives of her experience while also realizing she wanted more for her life.  As this thought lingered in her mind, Bianca was put through one of the most challenging and scariest days of her young life—September 11, 2001. A day that stands out in the minds of many of us and has since unified our nation. Bianca took the heartache of this tragedy and used it to propel her passion forward.  Within a month, she changed direction, leading her to become an EMT an in 2003 she was hired with the Baltimore County Fire Department. She became the first African American woman to achieve rank as Lieutenant within the history of her department.

She used her experiences, achievements, and expertise to follow her dream and open Home Helpers, a home care service offering personal care, companion care, and respite care services for the elderly, disabled, and those who need continual assistance in the home. Bianca instantly felt validated in her decision to open this impactful resource for her community.  Her immense empathy for others and being able to help those in need made her mission truly shine and succeed.  

Home Helpers

Serving Baltimore County and the surrounding Baltimore Metro areas, this home care service stands out amongst others because of the heart behind the service.  The Home Helpers team prides themselves in being part of their client’s extended family and treats each client as such.  Everything from small chores to personal connection, Home Helper employees go above and beyond in their field of practice.  The professionals offer complimentary in-home consultations, comprehensive in-home care, affordable customized solutions, amongst other advantages, providing nothing but comfort, peace of mind, and love to those in need within their local community.

Below is a more in-depth interview we did with Bianca about her exceptional business and reasoning behind the start up!

Q: When deciding to start your own business, what inspired you to open Home Helpers Home Care?

A: “I worked in the Fire Service for 15 years and the environment led me to a point where I realized I was doing the right work but I was doing it for the wrong people. I reached a point where I absolutely did not like my job anymore. So I had a serious conversation with myself one day and said I can not do this for another 10+ years ( to reach retirement) so I woke up one day and quit.

As a 1st responder going to people’s homes I constantly saw a need for home care services for elderly and disabled people. As a 1st responder usually the only resource I could provide was a transport to a hospital where a lot of times the person didn’t require emergency services but because they were in vulnerable situations in the home, we would have to transport them. This contributes to a bigger issue with the health care industry as it pertains to overcrowding emergency rooms and hospital readmission rates. So when deciding what I would do with my life, providing Home Care services to help people stay happy and safe in their homes was the perfect alignment for me.”

Q: Have you always been entrepreneurial?

A: “In hindsight, yes. I’ve always had some sort of “side hustle” going on since I was 16. In 2012, I launched B. Foxy Fashion Jewelry and had so much fun with that which expanded my vision of one day becoming a FT Entrepreneur.”

Q: What makes Home Helpers Home Care different/unique?

A: “Aside from my emergency medical background and being an owner who really has compassion and a desire to make lives better; not just for my clients but my care team also.  Home Helpers brings a comprehensive approach to home care that bridges the gaps that still may exist. So along with our trained, professional care givers, we also offer a nutrition service called Silver Cuisine that provides delicious, chef prepared meals that are delivered right to our client’s homes. We offer Personal Emergency Response devices with GPS tracking that gives our client’s one touch access to our call center that will help with any problems that may occur. We also can provide daily wellness checks that provide our clients medication reminders, wake up calls, or just a friendly conversation.”

Q: What are your goals currently? As in vision and mission?

A: “My mission is to grow Home Helpers to become the most trusted and respected provider of Home Care Services in the Baltimore/Metro area.

My vision is to become a business leader in my community and inspire and coach other women to step out to pursue their best lives.”

Q: Are you making sacrifices being an entrepreneur?

A: “Not that I can think of other than I cut down on buying shoes and traveling (for now). The timing is perfect for me as I have reached a level of maturity, self-awareness and discipline that are big contributing factors to being an entrepreneur.”

Q: Tell us about your proudest achievement? 

A: “In February 2012, after 9 years of service in the Fire Department, I was promoted to Lieutenant and became the 1st black woman to attain that rank in the 180 year history.”

Q: What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

A: “The freedom and excitement of deliberately co-creating my future. Watching myself getting better every day and overcoming barriers and pushing through challenges.”

Q: What are you Top 3 tips for financial freedom?

1.Personal development/Elevating your Mindset

2.Learn about & create ways to generate passive income

3.Investing more than you spend

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