Branding Tips & Pitfalls With Patricia Gloria Contreras

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    January 18, 2021
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Branding Tips & Pitfalls With Patricia Gloria Contreras women on topp

Meet Patricia Gloria Contreras who has not finished adding lines to her resume. Patricia is a professional model, actress, blogger, creative brand strategist and digital entrepreneur. Graduated in marketing and international affairs, she also took photography and painting classes at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris to get to the other side of the camera. The young woman made herself known on Italian television where she made numerous appearances in series and films (Skertzi leftCommissario RexNon e stato mio figlio, The Lady). She also participated in the Italian virtual reality TV show Isola dei famosi. With her angelic face, Patricia Gloria Contreras has also posed for leading magazines such as GQ Italy and Buzzland.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from, what do you do for a living, and how did you get started in the branding business?

Before all, I want to thank Women On Topp for giving me the opportunity to share my story. I was born and raised in Mexico, I started to travel when I was very young, due to that I was able to develop an open mindset and become the woman I am right now. I currently work as a digital entrepreneur, designer and actress and also started in the branding business focusing on photography, fashion magazines and art exhibitions.

It started when I realized that the importance of having a good brand and image has its way to inspire people. I was invited to every and each fashion week in Milan, Paris, London and New York and when you go to these events you have to have a strong image and personality if you want to be noticed especially in the beginning when you want to build up a career, my priority was to be remarkable more than following the codes.

What obstacles do influencers, businesses and just anyone working with social media marketing face today? What would be your advice to help overcome it?

There are obstacles in every sector nowadays, I think it’s very important for everyone to study the things they want to bring to the table that doesn’t exist yet. For example, what is their plus and for how long they can maintain that plus. 

My advice is to always study your competitors, the markets they approach, the product or service they offer, the way they sell it. They have to be innovative, it takes time to develop a digital marketing strategy that will make them be competitive. You cannot prevent everything but you can reduce your error margin in order to save time, capital and market presence. 

Many entrepreneurs often see branding as an afterthought they can tack to the end of a venture, a final shot at securing a sale. Talk about how founders and brand managers can develop brand stories that express their vision and ambition.

Classic marketing and digital marketing have been changing over the years with the internet, social media, smartphones and now applications like Instagram, TikTok, vestiares collectives among others are the big game-changers.

As I said before, a strong identity is everything when you are new in the market. A strong identity is a way your customers and potential customers will find you. It is very important to define them before you expose yourself.

Brand managers and founders need to specify their community, their preferences, where these people go, what they do, how they think, what they talk about, their lifestyle, how they dress, In my opinion, it is crucial to send messages with emotions, I think that love, sex, power and sense of belonging is what moves the world and through these emotions, you create stories to sell products to cover needs. 

A business cannot go anywhere without branding. What are your top 3 tips for developing a robust brand strategy?

My top 3 to develop a robust brand strategy is

Develop Brand Identity

  • logo,
  • colors and fonts,
  • website design,
  • content,
  • advertising,
  • print or packaging,
  • and more.

Target your client 

  • income 
  • social class 
  • lifestyle – mindset 

Target your marketing strategy

  • digital media                                                          
  • classic, TV, magazines press
  • celebrities, 

What are the top 3 biggest pitfalls when brands develop a brand strategy?

In my opinion, the 3 big pitfalls that brands often go through are:
1. They don’t study their product and their market well enough.
2. They don’t set a clear plan with dates and goals.
3. They don’t have realistic expectations of the results. They are sometimes too optimistic, they can be optimistic, but they should be open-minded to any obstacle that can take place. If you are too optimistic you will not be prepared for situations that go out of your control.

Particularly given the rise of innovation as an overall concern in the life of brands, what sort of creative aptitude/attitude/skills should any and every position in branding be expected to bring and/or cultivate?

The sort of creative aptitude, attitude, skills that any brand should sort out is having a deep knowledge of their customers, the product or service, their competitors. The main key is to differentiate from your competitors in order to succeed, constant improvement and adaptability to change. Invent new needs and be aware of cultural modifications. These tips can help you to keep your branding strategy on top.

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