Before Making a Brand – Become One: How to Shift Your Identity

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    December 8, 2022
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Before Making a Brand – Become One: How to Shift Your Identity

Tons of ideas written in the “idea notebook”, some of them started, some not. A few didn`t work out, a few made some income. Do you have a feeling you have the full package of what it takes, to become the next unicorn, but nothing seems working out? Do you ever wonder, what is it that you lack in order to become a successful entrepreneurial? It is time to step back! Before making a brand, let`s become one! Are you ready to shift your identity? Read on Before Making a Brand – Become One: How to Shift Your Identity.

We all have a purpose in our life. I hope you have already found it. If not – don`t worry, it will come to you, just keep looking. However, a purpose is not all what it takes to become successful. Of course, you need some initial capital, a team and preferably contacts from the industry. But these things are so easy to receive, if only you ask. There is something more, that you need to build, in order to become a successful entrepreneurial. Something that will allow you to make any new idea from the notebook to succeed. It is your identity. 

Do you ever ask yourself – who am I? And do you ever receive an honest answer? We live in a society with a lot of distractions. They might often be helpful and enhance our way towards the goal, however, we can easily make a damage to our business, if we do not know what our identity is. The wrong way means, that by listening to others – your family, friends, teachers, society etc. you receive so much information that you simply get lost! Mostly people give an advice, based on their experience. But that might differ to your way. That is why your identity is so crucial. You should always process all the received information and use only what works for you and discard the parts that are not in alignment with your identity. So what exactly means – to shift your identity?

Our mind consists of conscious and subconscious mind. Conscious mind is everything we see, hear, feel, but subconscious mind (around 95%1) is everything that happened to us since the day we born up till now. These are all the memories, created patterns, which made us to change our way of thinking and doing things in order to “survive”. Your father said – artists don`t make any money! Your teachers said – you have to work hard, to get something! Your neighbor said – no one from a small town can become successful! Your ex-boyfriend said – women are not made for business world! The thing is, our subconscious mind carries so much weight, we even don`t realize! And the worst part – these past traumas are stopping us from working towards our purpose.

When we are talking about an identity shift, we have to understand, that it is something that you (and only you) can create. To shift your identity means – to return back to your “true” self. When a child has born, it already knows a lot of things, just parents presume, they have to teach them everything they have learned and unfortunately often, they do not teach it in a way that would benefit a child. Therefore, the child absorbs all the information given to them, but does not makes his own path. So when we are saying “people can`t change”, we have to understand – we have already been changed. So no doubt – it is time to shift your identity. And here are some tips you need to know!

Before Making a Brand – Become One: How to Shift Your Identity

  1. Go back to your memories. What did you like to do as a child? When was the time when you were truly happy? Think about as much memories as you can, or even ask your parents or siblings and make an evaluation from the gained information. For example – I played with dolls – was it because I liked to dress them up or because I could talk to them and pretend to be on a talking show? Another – I really liked making puzzles – was it because I loved to see the picture or to think logically while doing it? Our childhood carries a lot of information, so make the most of it! 
  2. Think about your dreams. When you come up with a new business idea – what is your first thought? Are you excited? And what is the thought that stops you from creating it? Every time, when we get really excited, but somehow, this excitement turns to “yeah, but…” there is some hidden lies from the past that are lacking us from the realization. This usually occurs, when we had a bad experience in the past. For instance, we made a bold step but fail, we showed an initiative, but got rejected. This made our experience and is the answer of those “yeah, but…” Whenever you come up with any idea that excites you, but then somehow you get scared or guilty or dive into any other destructive feelings – immediately recognize this thought – WHAT is this thought (nuisance) and WHY do I have it? (the cause). Therefore, you can forgive those past mistakes and move on! It is crucial to understand – when you shift your identity, you have to live in the NOW. The past does not exist! Those old memories happened due to the coincidence of various circumstances and it is most unlikely, that these circumstances will ever happen again. So forgive & forget! It is time to move on! 
  3. Be really clear on your values AND stick to them. When we are building a brand, we think about the brand strategy and of course, values. Loyalty, honesty simplicity, these are some of the most typical brand values. When you are in the process of shifting your identity, you have to be really honest about what are your values right now. And by saying “now” I mean it – our values might change during the years, it is common to want more (or less) in different periods of life. So if you are working on your identity, be very honest about what is it that makes you unique and how do you want to move forward and make any decisions. For instance – creativity, positivity, cooperation. Discipline, courage, optimism. Popularity, care, uniqueness. List at least three values, that will help you to not only make any decision in your life (should I or should I not?) but also absorb the information you receive from the outside and make it work for you. 
  4. Show off your new identity! YES! Finally! It is action time! The last tip when shifting your identity – SHOW the world WHO are you! Take an action! Without any explanations – be the new version of you and take the first steps! Is one of your values generosity? Join a community and spread the awareness in social media. Is the “new you” a creative explorer – try some art classes! Feel like building up a confidence – take some financial courses or whatever you need to be braver in your field! You can easily build a confidence by learning more of your subject – try it! And start living a life in your new identity! Do it your way, attract the right people and new opportunities and all of your ideas will succeed! Believe me – good things are on the way! Are you ready?!

Written by Ieva Elza Zaharova specially for “The Women On Topp”


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