Beauty & Business Fair In Rotterdam (Win Tickets For 2 )

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    October 15, 2014
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For all the Dutch ambitious ladies there’s an event upcoming! You can absolutely not miss this opportunity! Beauty & Business together, what more can we ask for seriously!?!

So here’s what you have to do to win this tickets:
Comment under this post on our Facebook and tag the perfect person that should go with you to Business & Beauty Fair! Plus like & share the post as well!

Let’s see what Beauty & Business event is about…

Rotterdam, Saturday November 1st is the place to be for the business woman of today. The event Beauty & Business Fair will be held in the beautiful and namely Hulstkamp building.

Hulstkamp gebouw

Today’s working women are very busy and yet still cares alot to look good. But due to her busy scheduale there is not always much time for beauty. The offer of beauty is big and the online platforms and magazines are full of lifestyle and beauty tips, but they are not tangible. There is so much on the market, but which products are of good quality? What services are there for the business woman? And who is the face behind the company?

During the Beauty & Business Fair, there will be various parties coming together: lifestyle, beauty & business to the visitors to get acquainted with the new products, services, treatments and knowledge. The perception is key. You can taste on this day, feel, test and compare. In addition to a wide range of beauty products and spa treatments are also various parties from the business world presenting the focus on this busy businesswoman. Think of insurance, legal and financial advice, travel, sports, lifestyle and mindfulness.

Furthermore, you can enjoy good food, drinks & music. For entrepreneurial women, we will organize several workshops to help them and inspire them to be more successful in their career or business. Naturally, there is plenty to be networked!

Event: Beauty & Business Fair
Location: Hulstkamp Gebouw
Date: November 1st 2014
Time: 12:00 – 20:00pm

If you want to order your tickets you can click here Business&Beauty

P.S. Guess what.. We will be there too!


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