Amrev Media, Founder Sunandini Verma: Pivoting to a New Brand and Vision in Blockchain Development and FinTech

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    January 11, 2023
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Amrev Media, Founder Sunandini Verma: Pivoting to a New Brand and Vision in Blockchain Development and FinTech

Welcome to our follow-up interview with Sunandini Verma Founder & Owner of Amrev Media, a leading agency in the field of blockchain development and FinTech. Over the past few years, Sunandini Verma has been busy with a lot of personal growth, travel, and changes at the agency as she pivots to a new brand and vision focused on creating impactful technologies that leverage the security aspect of blockchain. 

In this interview as a follow up to the other interview, we will hear about their exciting new projects, including Shagan and Ananta, and her book, “Mindpreneur,” which provides practical guidance on entrepreneurship and maintaining mental balance in business. We will also discuss the importance of increasing the number of women in tech, and the steps that can be taken to make this a reality. So let’s get started!

It’s been a while since we spoke to you, it’s a pleasure to check up on everything! Tell us first of all, what have you been up to lately?

It’s great to reconnect! It’s been a busy few years, to say the least. A lot of travel, grounding and growth has been taking place. 

Amrev Media, how is the agency doing now? What has changed?

A lot has changed in the last few years. We are pivoting to a new brand and vision. Our focus going forth is driven by blockchain development and FinTech. I want to clarify to our audience, that blockchain is not crypto, and that crypto is just a use case for blockchain technology. We are focused on bringing forth technologies that create impact and leverage the security component of blockchain. People want ownership of their data, tools, user experience and processes, so naturally, we wanted to fill that requirement through custom development. 

Why were these changes made?

Over the years, we realized that our clients and brands benefit the most when we focus on marketing from a user acquisition perspective rather than a general one. We are passionate about custom development and onboarding users to experience the uniqueness of each product we develop. Keeping up with the market is important and I foresee ownership as an important component. 

Tell us about the new things you’re working on like Shagan and Ananta, how did you come up with these?

Shagan and Ananta are both revolutionizing ancient practices through technology. Shagan is an app that allows couples to receive money for their wedding events digitally, rather than having physical cash or cheques to avoid many issues. This is an idea formulated with my partners. They saw the need arise during covid, and here we are now, about to launch in India and North America with millions of users. 

Ananta on the other hand, is a project created with my father. I have meditated my whole life and he came up with a unique concept that is like no other. The app uses your astrological map and sounds to allow you to vibrationally align with your desires and create more of what you want in your life using optimal timing to do so. It’s a mix of manifestation, meditation, astrology and of course, surrenders. 

Can you give us advice on how to not lose focus when working on more businesses/projects at the same time?

I wish there was a magical formula, but it really is about focus and compartmentalization. I always say my superpower is my ability to focus on one component at a time and not let all the aspects of my life interfere with the other. For example, if one aspect is not doing well, I will not let that impact my health, or family. It’s about being stable enough in your inner world that the things you don’t define who you are. Variables to change are anything outside of us, and those variables don’t define me. I think, my focus on each project, client, business, and aspect of life comes from being present. Meditation is definitely a powerful tool to allow that focus into my life. Knowing your end goal and not allowing anything to derail you from that is important. No circumstances and variables should derail you from the big picture. 

You said you are working on a book, can you tell us more about this?

Yes, I’m working on the final edit of my book. We are hoping to have everything out in the market by early Feb 2023. The book is about using your mind in entrepreneurship. It’s my own personal guidebook to the practical side of the business, and the mental balance required to create impactful businesses. The book is not very personal if I’m honest, it’s very blueprint driven. The title is Mindpreneur and I hope you all get to experience it.  

We had a conversation about the lack of women in tech, what can be done to change this in society?

I don’t know about society but I think women themselves have to view themselves differently. I am very mindful of the way I portray my own truth. I have seen it all and I always felt that I was at a disadvantage for my gender, age or colour. However, in my early 20’s I made a decision to shift my story and my whole experience changed. Perception is truly a projection and it defines your experience. I think for one, let’s not be victims because there’s no such thing as a missed opportunity. Women that operate in their feminine energy are able to lead strong businesses, teams and families. It’s important that we don’t step into our competitive space.

Competition is both masculine and from a space of lack. When you’re in lack, you think there’s more proving yourself you have to do. We ourselves have to empower ourselves to be secure enough to know what you’re offering is of value, and regardless of gender, that must be seen. Those who do not value or see that in you, are not in alignment to your greater impact or experience. I learned the hard way, the things that didn’t work out for me, couldn’t have because the path of those things was not a match to my true vision.

I would encourage women to see themselves through their higher selves and make decisions in their careers from that perspective. If you feel you need to compete and there’s a lack of it, then you will experience more experiences in alignment with that lack. True power is in satisfaction in your own work, effort and skillset. That mind shift can create a domino effect of opportunities that only align with that story and the people needed to make that happen usually vibrate at a very different energy. 

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