A Rulers Vision; Why Competition is Not a Part Of Success

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    February 20, 2016
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We all have our struggles and fights daily. Some of us handle it as soon as it occurs while others tend to run from it. In today’s society, we can see a lot of competition. Not only between firms and businesses but mostly between people. Men, women & children too. It’s something that can break bonds sometimes with irreversible consequences.

It’s not about how hard we fight to prove others wrong or how to out run them as fast as you can, it’s all about how you fight and work for what you love to do! This type of competition is very common between people nowadays. Men and women who try to show how strong they are on their own and how they want to outrun each other from the race. Life isn’t always about the fast track. Don’t forget to live!

More and more young newly graduated entrepreneurs start up their own businesses and try boosting their careers by knocking down others. With sleepless nights, hard work and the high of many cups of coffee, business plans and dreams are set up to be fulfilled.

You are you. You are unique in your own way and no one can take that away from you. This means we all have a specific combination of qualities which makes us have our own talents. Some people might be outstanding in photography or in cooking. Some love to blog about fashion and inspire, while others travel around the world and share their stories. These people all have one thing in common; they all do what they love the most! During the process of success and achievements the most important thing is to stay humble!

The rocky roads have to be faced! It definitely does not mean that you as a person should increase your ego. It’s your confidence that should grow! Confidence means acceptance of who you are, your flaws and faults included. You give yourself a chance to grow and learn from others too. Ego is the arrogance you create to bring down others by your own insecurities. To cross the ‘finish line’ as quickly as possible, whether it’s to start up your own business or to be successful in your life, it’s not right to make everybody else feel anything less than you. Eventually ego brings discouragement, to you and to others, which is negativity we shouldn’t inflate. This is no real success!

Envy will not bring you far in life. You can be really powerful when you leave footprints of kindness. Never judge people on ethnicity, culture or religion for instance. There are things you can learn from the different qualities of others. Things that you might need to be successful in your own way to reach your goals. It’s that last puzzle piece!

There is not a certain type of successful person. The people that fight to get to the top have many faces and colours. Each of us have our own fights to battle and milestones to pass. Reach out your hand to help others to climb that ladder along the way to the top. Teach what you know and learn from another human being. This way you can share your visions and leave a mark for the upcoming generations.

Written by Shenali Perera


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