7 Tips For New Young Women Entrepreneur

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    May 5, 2021
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7 Tips For New Young Women Entrepreneur womenontopp.com women on topp

Corporate working has graduated from closed spaces to open work culture, but gender role and participation also see new twists and turns. A professional male may like to have corporate trappings until his retirement, whereas Gen Z’ers explores new work possibilities and time zones to redefine their career road map.

‘Shepreneur’ is a catchword gaining popularity in the business world, but it is at a nascent stage. How frequently have you heard of female-run businesses in the professional domain? What is your comfort and acceptability of the rising female power in new areas of business? Whether your newfound business is promoting an idea or a product deliverable, the joy of starting on one’s own in a male-dominated activity is unique and inspiring. 

For a young woman to start an entrepreneurial journey is not only self-inspiring but uplifting for the female clan. Let us acquaint ourselves with seven tips to make your entrepreneurial journey focussed and inspirational.

1. Destress To Focus Right

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Starting a business means setting your priorities right. As a novice in the entrepreneurial journey, you may face initial struggles and challenges in finances, human resources, business operations, and plans. Anxiety, stress can affect your health and wellbeing and hamper productivity.

2. Learn The Business Fundamentals

Irrespective of gender, every entrepreneur should know the basic blocks of running a business. Get an elementary knowledge of back-office tasks like business taxes and accounting. Firm up your business structure to know the income tax return filing.

Keep your business and personal finances separate to get a better hold of your expenses and bookkeeping. In the event of an IRS audit, it will help you maintain your financial records well. Be mindful of other business nitty-gritty like tax payments and self-employment tax rates.

3. Prioritize Your Time And Energy

You may have many business tasks in hand wanting your undivided attention. Focus on business tasks as per their urgency and keep ticking off the completed tasks. Work out your new business goals without losing focus on your existing operations. While hiring service providers for the management and technical roles, keep in mind recruits’ expertise, availability, and proactiveness. Better staff support and teamwork will help you manage your entrepreneurial show well.

4. Optimize Your Social Network And Your Profile

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Staying active on social feed is necessary to build on existing contacts and tap new clients and prospects. Research your network contacts on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to create an amiable understanding for the long term.

Connect to your social contacts as per your business stream. For example, if you have started a beauty and cosmetics brand, grow your network on Instagram and Facebook. If you have opened a market consultancy firm and are looking to connect to planners and similar professionals, stay active on LinkedIn. Pay attention to your personal and professional information on your social feed. Upload your professional look and add keywords that reflect your business strengths and human values. Include links to your social portfolio and business website, and share updates with your Internet contacts from time to time.  

5. Promote Your Business

Create an attractive-looking website reflecting your mission, values, and product or service promise. Look into online ads, pop-ups to attract potential customers. Make your website well-thought-out and interactive to entice first-time visitors and repeat customers. Familiarize yourself with website and marketing tips and e-commerce tools to get the right traffic.            

6. Shed Your Fear Of Failure

As a young woman business honcho, you decide to move out of your comfort zone and take up challenges. Starting a business may look easy, maintaining it has its risks and failures. Let failure not affect you, but increase your willpower to learn from your mistakes and rejections. 

A bad business deal or missing a large contract is a sporadic shock. Learn from the whys and ifs and carry out your entrepreneurial duties with confidence.

7. Support Other Womenpreneurs

Encourage more women to take up this role and responsibility. It will empower females and help them contribute to and promote female entrepreneurship. Be a mentor, or assist other women-owned businesses by shopping at their stores and give word of mouth on social media. Capital funding will be a great way to support small set-ups run by small-scale women entrepreneurs.             

The Takeaway

There are many successful women entrepreneurs in the business world. Aspire to become one and extend your monetary help and guidance to lift their spirits.  

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