7 Smart Ways to Get Ahead in Your Career

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    March 12, 2023
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7 Smart Ways to Get Ahead in Your Career

Advancing in your career is one of the greatest accomplishments for someone who wants to excel in their field. While there isn’t any firm time limit on achieving your dreams, if you’re career-minded, you likely want to accomplish your goals as quickly as possible. Here are a few ways to propel yourself forward and cultivate the best workplace to develop your skills. Read on 7 Smart Ways to Get Ahead in Your Career.

7 Smart Ways to Get Ahead in Your Career

1. Volunteer for More Work

You shouldn’t have to take on more work than you’re assigned, but if you want to make a good impression on your supervisors, consider asking for extra tasks when you can manage them or have spare time. Your employer will likely appreciate that you’re dependable and can follow through on your projects. It might also help you stand out from the rest of the crowd if several other people have the same job title and expectations as you.

At the same time, you should advocate for knowing your limits and prioritizing your mental health. Knowing when you’re about to hit burnout can prevent stress and maintain your performance at work. Take mental health days and prioritize your well-being so you can do your best on the job and at home. 

Practicing mindfulness to remain in the present moment is one of the best ways to handle the stress that creeps up on you at inopportune times. Your employer will respect you for prioritizing yourself and your quality of work when you take time off.

2. Join Online Communities

Online communities can be great ways to learn about new opportunities and get yourself out there. Professional social media networking websites, like LinkedIn, can help you find people in your field. You can gain more perspectives on topics that matter to your industry while getting your name out there and sharing important tidbits. This kind of networking could land you a mentor who can teach you how to increase your career prospects or manage personal growth.

Remember to ensure your resume is updated on online platforms. If you’re searching for another job, you want to ensure recruiters can see all your exploits and achievements in one place. Remember to list volunteer work and any other accomplishments you may have under your profile as well.

3. Look for Ways to Network

You can network with people worldwide online, but one of the best ways to find opportunities in your area is to do so in real life with your local community. Consider joining an exclusive club to meet people from different backgrounds or finding a place to frequent that hosts people with something in common.

You’ll make more friends and see more opportunities come to you over time if you’re constantly looking to make connections. You shouldn’t go into an event expecting this, though. Instead, take your time getting to know someone, as you may never know when you could become best friends with someone you meet. Go into these relationships hoping to give as much as you might receive.

If you run your own business or store, plan events and invite other professionals in your industry. There are many opportunities that you can turn into a networking event, from a grand opening party, a product launch or trade show. Bringing other influential people into your space can be a great way to show off your success. 

4. Involve Yourself in Out-of-Work Opportunities

Make sure to participate when your co-workers get together outside of work. Whether it’s a virtual meetup or going out for dinner locally, spending more time with your team can help you feel closer to them and more connected to your workplace. They don’t need to become your best friends, but you can still create bonds you can rely on. In the future, you can watch out for and help each other if someone can’t finish something on their own.

5. Earn Certifications to Propel You Forward

You should never stop learning, even after securing your dream job. Pursuing professional certifications shows your boss and other potential employers that you want to learn more about the industry and are actively working toward making yourself an expert.

Prioritize completing certifications from larger companies. The bigger names carry more weight because of how easily recognized they are, which also means they can get you noticed. Almost anyone can create a certification, so it’s more impressive to potential employers when they see you’ve completed one from a well-known organization within the industry.

6. Suggest New Things

Sometimes, you may want nothing more than for a seemingly unnecessary meeting to end. However, you might notice that contributing could make it more interesting — therefore, you may feel more enticed to pay attention. Suggesting new ideas to implement can also help you stand out in your workplace. You’ll slowly become involved and might become more invested in your job than you were before.

7. Support Your Team

Work can be difficult at times. Everyone can have off days, even when doing something they’re used to. People need support and positivity when they least expect it. You’ll stand out in everyone’s mind if you can make a name for yourself as a supportive team member. They might go to you when they want to feel better or need some pressure taken off them.

People who feel part of a positive, supportive work environment may be more likely to feel valued and an essential part of their workplace community, which could motivate them to get more done. When you become the support you want to see at work, you might transform the entire atmosphere — not just for yourself, but for everyone.

Put Your Best Foot Forward in Your Career

Trying your best and taking your career day by day is the best thing you can do to support yourself. While you’re climbing the ladder and achieving all you set out to do, remember to take care of yourself. Putting your mental and physical health first is most important — even if you miss out on an opportunity now, it could come back around later. There’s only one of you, so make space for yourself while accomplishing all your goals.

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