6 Tips for Starting a Career in Tech

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    January 12, 2022
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6 Tips for Starting a Career in Tech - WOMENONTOPP.COM - WOMEN ON TOPP

The technology industry is not typical. Every field and niche is unique and so has its own unique patterns. You have to learn them to fit in. This is actually easier than it sounds. The technology industry is considerably more relaxed than others. All the same, there are strategies that always work.

Know your stuff

This may seem like an unnecessary addition to the list, yet it is the first. It is important that you know what you’re doing and that you are not just winging it. Some companies will take on fresh graduates with no experience, but it’s another thing to expect companies to take you in when you don’t even know what you’re talking about. So, be constantly upgrading in knowledge. Talk with other people, take the many courses that fill the internet today, watch YouTube videos, as questions on Quora; do what you have to do to know what you need to know.

Learn to teach yourself

A lot of the things you will learn in the technology industry; you’ll have to learn by yourself. The honest fact is that no professor can teach you everything. Therefore, learn to teach yourself. Learn to find resources and learn what you need to know by yourself. There is just so much that school can teach you; the rest of it, you’ll have to learn by yourself. 

Create projects

While you’re waiting to be hired; while you’re still waiting to receive positive news from your applications, or still studying as an undergraduate, it is important that you create your own projects that will show your skill and experience. Create tech projects you are passionate about, and work hard at them.

Be active online

There is no such thing as bad publicity. Actually, there is, but that’s not what this is about. As you study, and learn and grow, an active online presence will help your career very much. When you talk about your tech passion enough online, it becomes easier for you to reach out to people, and you also create an avenue for potential employers to know what you’re about, and possibly reach out to you. There are a few platforms where techies converge to show their expertise without seeming braggy; LinkedIn and GitHub are good places to start.


If there’s one thing people in tech like to do a lot, it’s meet with each other. This is probably because not a lot of other people understand what they’re talking about. Integrate yourself into the society of tech and techies. This way, you’ll learn to speak the language, and meet people who can give you information, mentorship and lessons if need be.

Focus on a niche

As has already been said, the tech industry is highly niche-ified. If you go in there because you like everything, you may find yourself lost. You have to find a niche and focus on building yourself in it. It’s like sports; there has never been a pro athlete who played all the sports. Each person has to find a sport and develop their skills in that particular sport. Simply put, you cannot do everything. Find a niche, get mentors in that niche, join a community in that niche, buckle down and grow your knowledge right there. If you spread yourself too thing, there may be nothing left for potential employers to see at all.

Truthfully, these are simple steps, and anyone can do them. In every industry, knowledge is not always enough to get you where you want to be. So, as you’re getting ready to get into this industry, just take these simple tips, and make them part of your everyday. Study, learn, create awesome things, and put yourself out there.

See you around!

Anita Jacob

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