6 Relaxing Activities To Relieve Work Stress

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    May 17, 2021
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6 Relaxing Activities To Relieve Work Stress Womenontopp.com women on Topp

How many of you have allocated me-time and introspect the way life goes on? Do you feel trapped in the vicious cycle of eat-work-sleep life? In all types of jobs, people feel the pressure at one time or the other. But chronic stress at work can cause headaches, increase blood pressure, etc. Moreover, stress can hamper employee’s productivity and lead to misunderstandings and friction with co-workers. Loss of productivity implies loss of revenue. 

It, in turn, adds more to the bag of worries. Therefore, keeping anxiety at bay is necessary for everybody. This does not mean one need not worry about deadlines and not come up with innovative solutions. It is essential to address and manage work-related stress the right way. Below we discuss the activities that help you relax and concentrate at work.

1. A soothing atmosphere and an organized work station:

It is preferable to have the workstation lit by natural light during the day. You get vitamin D and also feel elevated. Consider adding some indoor plants near the desktop for having a soothing effect. The next essential thing is to have a neat and well-organized workstation. You do not want the water bottle, mobile phone, wallet, keys, coffee mug, notepad, and gadgets heaped clumsily on the table. 

Fixing a place for your belongings and creating empty spaces on the table frees up the mind. You can practice prioritizing the goals, inform the manager, and share with team members. 

2. Organize fitness challenges:

Taking breaks helps people concentrate better and work faster. It is advisable to give the body physical work during break time. Some people prefer doing planks, whereas others are willing to do yoga poses. In the office, it is more fun to conduct fitness challenges. Employees can form teams and compete on time spent on exercising, have endurance games, etc. 

A simple stand-up time can help in breaking the monotony and also burn a few calories. Utilize facilities at the office premises like walking tracks, indoor sports, etc. You can go for walking meetings and discussions rather than attending them in a conference room.

3. Groom a pet

The moment a puppy stares into your eyes, you start feeling positive and relaxed. Gazing, hugging, and playing with a pet can lift you from a bad mood. The reason behind it is the release of a hormone called oxytocin, which stimulates bonding and reduces stress. Now, if there is a pet care facility in the office, make full use of it. Try to adopt a pet, preferably a dog. Dogs are loyal, loving, and one can learn dog grooming techniques quickly. 

As a team, the office mates can visit an animal rescue center for an hour or two. People will feel relaxed and also get a chance to socialize with different members.

4. Have healthy snacks

When we are stressed, we tend to crave salty, sugary, and fat-rich food items. So, one need not wonder why candies, chips, colas, burgers, and icecreams are popular snacking options in the office cafeteria. But fat-rich food can make one sluggish, and sugary items can cause energy crashes. Thus the popular snacks are detrimental to productivity at work and further increase stress levels. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to reduce stress is to switch to healthy snacks and meals. 

Choose the whole wheat option for bread, cupcakes, pasta, and noodles. Go for nutritious veg salads and soups and prefer lean meat and salmon over fried chicken and sausages. Rather than going for fruit crumbles and thick milkshakes, have raw fruits. Berries, oranges, grapes, apples, and peaches are the fruits that serve the best for quick munches. You can replace the candies and ice creams with moderate quantities of dark chocolate, granola bars, and almonds. 

5. Create positive relationships with colleagues

You can be happy at the workplace only when you know people who are happy and enjoying their time at the office. So, first of all, one needs to become comfortable, so that people feel confident and share their opinions with you. To mingle with others, first, you need to put the phone down during lunch breaks. Take part in interactive events and do not miss office outings. 

Volunteering as a team is also a wise option. You get to mingle with people having similar interests and have the satisfaction of serving society. In a project where co-workers are cooperative and trust each other, escalations and tense situations are less. Remember, having interpersonal skills is more valuable than a good education, experience, and position. 

6. Switch tasks and roles

At times, doing the same type of tasks can make one feel bored and stagnant. Repetition can cause irritation and stress. Therefore it is advisable to ask for a role change or try swapping work with a team member. You can try new things whenever there is ample time and no urgent requirements from the client or management. Such role changes can enhance your career prospects too. 

Final thoughts

Feeling stressed at the office is common nowadays. People fear various things like layoffs, low income, overtime work, and mounting pressure. But the best way to overcome the situation is to reach out to co-workers and managers. Open communication and mutual respect are essential for a peaceful work atmosphere and career progress. At the same time, one has to be careful and should not resort to bad habits like smoking, alcoholism, gambling, and drugs.

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