6 Questions to Ask Yourself While Working Toward Success

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    March 15, 2021
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6 Questions to Ask Yourself While Working Toward Success

Some of the top Googled searches and queries regarding success circle around tips, stories, millionaire habits, business, and investments. What this transparently states are that people are consistently looking for ways to lead better lives for themselves and their families. People are searching for that perfect formula to obtain their financial freedom. It is clear, working two or three jobs are no longer acceptable or the ideal means to a living. Success stories are becoming more popular due to people showing that financial freedom can be obtained regardless of the beginning circumstances.

People are pushing and gearing toward any information they can find to move forward successfully and quit working nine to five jobs that have taken time and quality from their lives. In recent cases, it too is putting people in the predicament to search for other lucrative means to survive that do not rely on corporations alone who have the final say in their job status, promotions, and income. With recent people being affected by the government shut down who could blame anyone wanting to create stability?

Due to people taking the leap of faith and beginning their own businesses it is with pleasure that I share questions to consider asking yourself when working toward success. A lot of these things are interesting and important things to contemplate before making vital transitions in income and building legacies of your own. I want people to feel free to add their own. I just would like to supply a blue print, nothing is etched in stone.

1. How to:

Millions of people between this year and last year have googled how to do something, especially regarding business. I consider this impressive, but this also should let anyone working to obtain better recognize there is no room for arrogance. Do the research in your field. Learn and absorb as much as you can to master your craft and what it is that will set you apart from others doing the same niche as you. Doing this will highlight the experience and necessary skills needed or already acquired to manage your business.

2. What Can others before me teach me?

I know this is a question some would least expect to be on this list. However, this is important. Think about it. The great thing about modern times is such a luxury is that we can google and search almost anything. Finding all the information that we could possibly need at our beck and call or disposal. With that being considered wouldn’t it be smart to understand or research the things that you want to do so that you can avoid some of the many mistakes before you have made? Cut your learning time in half for some things. It’s that awesome saying I’m sure many mother have used since the end of time. “If John Doe jumps off the bridge does that mean you jump too?” There certainly is no need to keep that boat to insanity going when you can avoid some of the many mistakes, we all make when working toward success. 

3. What are your financial goals?

If a quarter was put in a jar for every person that was not financially literate there would be enough to end world hunger. Having parents that weren’t financially literate is no longer an excuse not to be literate yourself. Again, there are books and tons of information available. Discover your assets and make them work for you. (Side note: parents, end generational ignorance by teaching your children about finances. It never is too early. You may be surprised about the things they pick up, and what practices they have learned through watching your very own practices.) Try looking up a one of the many books for dummies, seminars, or investing in a class. The information to begin is out there. I once heard about classes a financially free man was teaching in a church on his free time on Saturday mornings in month intervals just to help people. That was his way of giving back. Check out the library some have classes of all sorts to attend on given days for a low price or free.     

4. Is my self- care in order?

This is huge. When people consider all the many things regarding success, I notice self-care is always low on the list. Not to mention the many memes and things about not getting any sleep like it’s a badge of honor or a reward. When you’re not ok, nothing is ok. I find this to be one of the hardest things to do for people. Like taking care of themselves, or simply saying NO will create chaos and pandemonium in the entire universe. Pause. Take a moment to take care of your essential needs. When these things are taken care of the quality of work and the things you produce are better. Some businesses have failed by simply not answering this one question on a consistent basis.

5. What, or Whom is getting in my way?

Unfortunately, sometimes the company we keep can be detrimental to your forward success. This includes family, certain friends, intimate relationship, perhaps even certain colleagues. Be mindful of whom you are allowing to suck up your time. Having people that are a positive force in your life make a huge difference. Perhaps you are the negative person, and your self sabotage is what is getting in the way. Understand what it is that you deserve and do not settle for anything less than that. Discipline, or time management can be an issue. There are many things and phobias. Learn what is holding you back and break those chains. 

6.  What is it that makes me happy?

I’m pretty sure you weren’t expecting this question to be on here, but, yes! This needs to be. Being happy and loving what you do is important. When you wake up everyday are you happy with the person that you see in the mirror. Those are goals. Without being confident and loving that person how can you talk to anyone else? Look at a person who is happy pitch a business plan verses a person that isn’t. I am pretty sure that you can see two separate attitudes, with which give two entirely different outcomes and experiences. When you believe in you, and love you, it teaches others how to do the same. A person that loves and is happy with themselves is not going to let someone who isn’t destruct what they have going on for themselves. Come on, am I right or am I right? 

There are other questions to consider depending on personal preference and niche you may have chosen. This is just the blue print, or basics to begin with, because when searching for what success means to you there are different categories to consider within yourself. Numbers and statistics are not the only thing to consider. It is a piece of the picture that builds your entire masterpiece. Know who you are and what success is it you, and how to implement it in your life. After all, success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. What is yours? 

Ariona Lynn

Ariona Lynn is a freelance writer, lifestyle blogger, creative writer, playwright, and self-published author. She spends her time perfecting her story telling passion and giving inspiration, interviews, and hair care tips on her lifestyle blog. She is an awesome mother of two beautiful boys that keep her imagination alive and continuously prospering. She is known for bringing her words to life through everything she writes regardless of niche and genre. Ariona puts her clients first giving quality original work and is currently keeping the door open for hire in her freelance career. She also likes to inspire through her self-help book Thirty Days of Manifesting that can be bought through her website arionalynn.com. 

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