50 Marketing Habits Every Business Should Have

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    January 8, 2020
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Here are the 50 marketing habits every business should have, you might just print it out and make it as a to-do list/ checklist.

1 Start fresh every day
2 Get and use business cards
3 Write a blog and share helpful info weekly
4 Listen to your customers
5 Keep an ongoing list of creative ideas
6 Read a popular business book for inspiration
7 Create a Facebook Business Page
8 Create a Twitter Profile
9 Create a Pinterest Profile
10 Create an Instagram profile
11 Create a Google+ page
12 Join Google+ communities to network
13 Use your social media to engage fans
14 Send an e-mail newsletter
15 Use your social media to provide customer service
16 Collect e-mail addresses
17 Offer a discount or special offer
18 Host a giveaway
19 Ask customers for referrals
20 Ask friends and family for referrals
21 Create a referral network with other professionals
22 Ask customers for testimonials
23 Sponsor a cause or local event
24 Get interviewed on a blog, magazine, or podcast
25 Use SEO to drive traffic
26 Network with other business owners
27 Use Google Adwords
28 Advertise on Facebook
29 Advertise on Twitter
30 Advertise on Linkedin
31 Network in Linkedin groups
32 Advertise on Pinterest
33 Segment your advertising: New & existing customers + your email list
34 Add a retargeting pixel to your website to advertise to website visitors
35 Attend a networking event
36 Offer a freebie to fans
37 Thank your customers
38 Review competitors, see what is working and what is not
39 Host an online workshop, webinar or training
40 Write a guest blog
41 Submit articles to large websites like Huffingtonpost
42 Write a press release
43 Ask customers for feedback
44 Use videos to market your business
45 Network in Facebook groups
46 Create your own Facebook group
47 Offer an affiliate program
48 Ask another business to promote your business
49 Send personal cards to customers
50 most importantly, every day: provide value

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