5 Ways to Be a Champion For Yourself and Other Woman

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    March 21, 2022
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5 Ways to Be a Champion For Yourself and Other Woman womenontopp.com women on topp

1. Don’t participate in the negative mainstream dialogue against women

The current climate of our culture has made it challenging for women to feel empowered and supported in voicing themselves.  Social and main stream media have become platforms where the stereotyping and objectifying of women have become the norm for women who voice themselves out loud.  Women have fought so hard to have their voices heard and the current societal culture does not create a supportive stage where women feel empowered to share their thoughts and beliefs.  Women are afraid to speak up in their communities for fear that they will suffer from baseless attacks that mock them into silence.  Everyone deserves the right to freedom of speech, just as equally as the person next to them.  Communities should be built on the supportive foundation of diversified beliefs. In order to shift the current societal narrative, differences in gender, race, education, values, backgrounds and other factors should be welcomed freely.  No one opinion or belief is superior than the next. Derogatory name calling is far from empowering.  We need to put an end in allowing women to be mocked into silence.  We need to create a space where all women’s opinions are welcomed and valued, we need to do better. 

2. Choose collaboration over competition

The secret to elevating is found in building strong partnerships with other women, and men too! Proximity is a superpower. For years, Women have worked hard to advocate and establish equal opportunities as our male counterparts. Together, we can level the playing field and go further, faster.  It’s time to ditch the scarcity mindset and belief that if a woman rises, then that opportunity that was once available, is now taken away.  This is an antiquated way of thought and hinders forward movement.  If we want to change this equation, we need to switch up the formula from competition to collaboration.  When we collaborate, we amplify our power and radiate light onto each other and allow our unique strengths to shine. Focus on building others up, rather than breaking others down.

3. Break free from the “Good Girl” persona

There is an unspoken expectation that is set for how a women should “handle” herself.  The expectation is that  women should follow the “rules” of society. This archetype robs the woman of her own power, and as a result limits her potential. However, it’s important to realize that no one is robbing any power from anyone.  We all are in charge of our own actions and the choices we make that impact our lives.  It’s time to dismantle and challenge the rules outlined in the imaginary “good girls” playbook. This archetype is built on a foundation of fear.  As a result, potential is limited, in order to avoid upsetting or disrupting those who have a strong influence over us. This is a complacency mindset, where chief actions and decisions are made to please those around us.  The reality of this persona is that you rob yourself from true happiness by allowing others to possess a powerful hold over you.  How you are seen by those around you, should not influence your actions and decisions. Liberate yourself to break free from this mold and step into your true authentic power.  You are your own powerhouse.  When you play small, you stay small.

4. Celebrate and honor the wins of women

Woman are challenged to rise above the preconceived belief of underestimation in her ability.  Far too often, when she does rise past this and accomplishes what she set out to do, her success is undermined. Her hard work might be discredited and the successful outcome may be seen as “luck”.  If it’s not from those in her surrounding environment, it comes directly from herself within.  It’s important to recognize and honor the amount of effort and time that went into achieving something.  It’s also equally important to do the same for other women as well.  Be intentional about recognizing and celebrating wins.

5. Inspire women to go for it

Advocate and support the rise of other women by cheering them on!  Advocacy is empowering.  It encourages other women to go for it.  Advocacy amplifies the path to advancement for others.  As women, we are constantly up against underestimation.  We hesitate, we question ourselves, we doubt ourselves, and ultimately get in our own way if we give in to these illusions.  Encouragement instills courage in those that we are cheering for.  We all have heard the saying- your tribe affects your vibe, and vice versa. When a women is surrounded by a community of support she is more likely to silence her self doubt and take bold daring action. We need to establish support and sisterhood within our communities.

Brittany Tibbitts

Brittany Tibbitts is a published author, speaker, mindset and growth expert, holds a boldly growing real estate investment portfolio, entrepreneur, and is the founder of Elle Potential.   She believes life should be lived boldly and bravely. She is passionate about helping women elevate by pivoting away from doubt and underestimation by stepping into their power and channeling their inner Elle “She” potential. She has achieved both personal and professional success by taking inspired action, overcoming barriers and passionately believes in helping other women step into their power to make this possible for themselves. Through her experience, she learned how to step into her true authentic power to unlock her full, “she” potential.

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