5 Unexpected Ways to Wow Your Boss

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    September 9, 2021
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If you want to stand out from the crowd and make your boss proud. There are simple ways to wow your boss:

Please write shorter emails if you can.

Nothing is more annoying than reading long and endless emails. Especially your boss has no time to read a long email. You have to save your boss’ time to impress them or just to keep them happy in any way. Time is often a boss’s most valuable commodity.

Walk out of a meeting.

Meetings are by nature useless. And bosses love when you walk out of a group of meeting with them. Because some of the topics might be irrelevant for some employees which means it takes everyone’s time. The solution to this, is to stand up and excuse yourself and leave. You can’t keep listening to information you can’t use so just leave the meeting. Maybe not all bosses are this way. But if one is smart they will know how to boost efficiency.

Manage down—Treat the janitor better than me.

Work well with others. Not just with your boss. It’s crucial for your boss if you can work well with your co-workers. Bosses are constantly assessing how co-workers treat each other even strangers. So leave your ego at home. .

Fail at something.

It might sound strange at first. But think about it, failing due to ambition is different compared to failing due to incompetence. A good boss recognizes when or how and why you have failed. They admire when people take projects that are too big or too ambitious.

Note of caution:

Keep in mind that not all bosses are the same. Not every trick works for every boss. But this is the way bosses should be. These are the kind of bosses that run a successful company. Hopefully, you will work there too!

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