5 Magic Mindset Shifts To Enhance Your Business 

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    July 30, 2018
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Let’s face it, building and scaling a business can be tough work. Sure, there are amazing benefits like dictating your own hours, serving and supporting others, having creative flexibility and of course – the potential to achieve success on your terms. However, with the highs must also come the lows and these aren’t always discussed much in the entrepreneurial world. 

When many new tasks and roles become your responsibility as you enter the arena of entrepreneurship; they can bring up thoughts of self doubt, comparison, fear and more. These thoughts and associated feelings are completely normal and are often experienced by entrepreneurs, whether they admit this or not. But even though these internal experiences are normal, it doesn’t mean that they have to be a part of your daily life and potentially hold you back from reaching your full potential in business and life. 

Your mindset consists of a combination of your beliefs, values, opinions, thoughts and interpretations that then create your emotional responses and subsequent actions. This may be a new line of thinking for many, but what it means is that you have the ability to manage your thoughts and beliefs in a way that benefits you and propels you towards your goals in business and life. Have you ever considered why two people respond to the same event in different ways? The reason is that there are key differences in their mindsets and the way they think about the event and essentially what it means to them. 

So if we all have the ability to master our thoughts and beliefs for the better, and transform our emotional responses and actions in the process, then why aren’t we all doing it? Well, often it’s because we may not know what we need to do or how to do it. There are a large number of mindset strategies, perspectives and actions that can be put in place to move into more of a mindset that promotes growth, but we’re going to hone in on 5 simple and effective mindset shifts that you can put in place in your own life to transform the way you relate to yourself and your business. 

1 Change is possible and needed 

There are many people that consider change and growth to be limited or impossible for them. They may consider themselves to have a set level of intelligence, skill, knowledge and genetic makeup that prevents them from enhancing physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially and socially. These are the kind of mindsets that resist change, anything outside of their comfort zone or anything beyond their current capacity 

One of the biggest mindset shifts you can make is to believe that change and growth are always possible and essential as we evolve through life. You don’t need to continue to be the person you were 15 years ago, 5 years ago or yesterday. You have the power to decide the route your life is taking and what you want to do differently. When you believe that change is possible and needed in your life, you can open yourself up to any possibilities imaginable. You have the resources within you to make change possible when you believe it to be so, and this forms the base for you to extend beyond your comfort zone to experience growth and development. 

2 Fear is always going to be there

One of my favourite metaphors that I remind myself of frequently, is that ‘fear is always in the backseat, but you’re in the drivers seat’. Fear is a natural part of our evolution as humans and is a defence mechanism that kept us safe and triggered appropriate responses many moons ago when we were at risk of being attacked by dangerous animals or enemies. However, in this day and age fear has manifested itself in a way that can be largely irrational and subjective in nature. These are the fears that pop up in your mind telling you things like ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘Everyone will laugh at me’. When it comes to irrational fears, acknowledging and accepting that fear will always be a part of life but that it doesn’t have to control you allows you to develop the strength to move forward with your goals, despite fear. Having courage is not about being fearless, its about feeling the fear and moving forward anyway.

3 Your thoughts are within your control

Are you someone who thinks that life just happens to you and is out of your control? If so, one of the most empowering mindset shifts that you can make is to understand your ability to take control of your thoughts and beliefs, specifically the limiting ones. As I mentioned earlier, your thoughts are what dictate your emotions, actions and ultimately the outcomes that you experience. By getting to the source and targeting any unhelpful thoughts, you empower yourself to change the outcomes in your life. The more responsibility that you take for your internal dialogue, the more you will empower yourself to bring about positive change and desired outcomes in your business and life.

4 Mistakes are golden

Nobody likes making mistakes, however just like fear – they are a part of everyday life. We aren’t born knowing everything there is to know or how to do everything we endeavour to do, so we are in a constant state of learning. Changing your relationship with mistakes to appreciate the hidden gold and learning that can come from them will help you to shift out of negative thinking or self destructive patterns when things don’t go to plan. By acknowledging what you have learnt from your mistake and what you can put in place to avoid the situation reoccurring, you again empower yourself to problem solve, grow and up level.

5 Your past doesn’t equal your future

Many of the limiting beliefs and thoughts that people have are a result of their upbringing and experiences at an early age, many of them remaining subconscious. Beyond this, as you make inevitable mistakes in your life, these experiences can linger in your mind and may create a source of uncomfortable emotions such as shame, guilt or unworthiness. Switching the way that you relate to your past can be a helpful way of reducing the impact that it has on your current life. Just like mindset shift #1, that change is possible, it’s important to remember this in the context of your past and that you have the capacity to change yourself at any moment. Just because something happened in your past, does not mean it needs to or will happen in your present. Your past has uniquely combined to get you to this exact moment, but with each new moment you have the power to control how you relate to it and experience it.

So there are five mindset shifts that you can explore in your own life and work on integrating them in to how you relate to yourself, others and your business/business idea. Your mindset lays the foundation for every belief, thought, emotion, interpretation, action – basically everything you do. 

If you follow any successful entrepreneurs they’ll often talk about how critical their mindset has been to their success and there are key fundamental mindset strategies, perspectives and tools that contribute to this success. Everything that you do in your business and your life on the whole, stems from your mindset and your own unique way of thinking about yourself and the world. That’s why it’s the number one most important area to master and have working to your advantage, before sales training or marketing training or website training, because your mindset is what helps to populate all of the rest. 

There are many more strategies, perspectives and actions to explore when it comes to enhancing your mindset, and committing to training your mind like you would your body is an essential and irreplaceable investment into your growth and success in business and life. 



Michelle previously worked as a Counsellor, and now manages her own successful business and provides business mindset coaching and support for current or aspiring entrepreneurs via her platform, Wellbeing Weekly. Join Michelle in her new Master Your Mindset online course where you’ll learn about how to bring more awareness to your thoughts, feelings and actions and transform your mindset with simple strategies, perspectives and tools to propel you towards your goals in business and life. The course launches on 20th August 2018 so secure your spot before the enrolment period ends.

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  1. Love these blogs, so uplifting and reassuring,,especially when your questioning yourself or lacking direction. Keep them coming please, as a female entrepreneur and mother of 2 life can become very hectic!

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