3 Reasons Why All Entrepreneurs must Keep Going

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    July 4, 2019
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Three Reasons Why All Entrepreneurs must Keep Going womenontopp women on Topp

Everyone always talks about what it feels like to be at the top but they rarely talk about what it feels like to be at the bottom. It’s lonely, embarrassing and not the experiences we want to shine a spotlight on. We struggle to get that one client, publish our first blog, craft that perfect social media post, stand up and give our first talk in public or even pitch that first sale.  The life of an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart.

For some of us our days never end, we lose touch with our friends, place ourselves in the most vulnerable conditions and keep ourselves afloat with small reminders of why we began but, is that enough? I guess I’ll have to leave that up to you. But for me, I do, believe it is. 

The only way to keep the fire going is to remember why you started. For some of us this can be the most difficult thing to do. It’s easy to get lost in the monotony of meaningless tasks it requires to run a business.  When we spend more time building and building and less on the dream the business was built on, it becomes increasingly difficult to remember the reason we began.

But I’m here to remind you. Don’t ever forget your reason because when you do your dream will slowly die. Here are a couple of suggestions to keep your fire burning and keep you connected to your big reason. (PS: Let us know your thoughts in the comments on Women On Topp!)

Build a Business Support System

Studies have found that quality time with like-minded individuals powerfully influences your mindset, encourages you to achieve your goals and empowers you towards growth. Your inner circle inspires you, creates opportunities to feel safe and motivates you to talk openly about your dreams and aspirations.

We become successful when we surround ourselves with other like-minded individuals. So what does this mean? Our health, our business and our minds benefit when we surround ourselves, with other women who are experiencing similar highs and low. Put yourself out there. The connections are well worth it!

Get Back Up

When real people fall down in real life they get right back up. There is no way to get through life without falling, and there is no way to appreciate the high without experiencing the bottom. But we often trick ourselves up when we get lost in thought. We over analyze what happened. What will it mean? What will they think? Our mind turns the experience into something greater than it is. Don’t allow yourself to get to this stage.

Get yourself up. Keep going. It will all unfold, as it should, in it’s own time.

Take A Breath

At times, building a business can suck the life out of all of your days. We never want to stop working, because we fear that if we stop we’ll lose that one opportunity where it could all come to fruition. But what we often forget is that stillness brings clarity that hustle will never bring.

When we’re tired and overworked it’s easy to drop the ball, become hangry or lose touch with your why, but when you slow down and walk away from time to time, that’s where the magic happens. Don’t be scared to step away for a little, as it will be there when you return. And truth be told, a better mindset will always create more opportunities then an overworked, exhausted one.

Keep going, my friend. Keep going and don’t stop. It has become our life purpose to attack our dreams with the same tenacity we would as if we were living our last day.

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Melissa Fino

Melissa Fino is a defiant high school dropout who went on to receive her Master’s of Social Work from the University of Southern California. Melissa applies her life experience with unexpected challenges and numerous insecurities to empower women to let go of the negative in their lives and embrace the positive. Currently, she is the CEO of LoveYourLife Community, a conscious life change coach for women, writer, blogger and speaker.

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