2 Essential Marketing Tactics To Get More Clients On Social Media 

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    June 22, 2022
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Marketing Tactics To Get Impactful More Clients On Social Media  womenontopp.com women on topp

If I had a magic wand and stopped 20 entrepreneurs on the road, and asked them to make a wish and I will make it happen, 19 of them would say “I want more clients”. Read this article for 2 Essential Marketing Tactics To Get More Clients On Social Media. 

And understandably so! Clients are the lifeline of any business and no clients mean no money, which leads to businesses closing down. That of course is not what we want.

Although in the past it could mean trudging on the road, knocking at every door to try and sell, nowadays, we no longer have to resort to these tactics because of social media.

Social media has turned the world into a global village, it is now a lot easier to fill up your client’s books. However, many are struggling, burning out, and feeling like they are running on a hamster wheel with no respite in view.

2 Essential Marketing Tactics To Get More Clients On Social Media 

I may not have a magic wand, but have the next best thing: a social media strategy that attracts clients on social media

I want to share with you 2 marketing tactics that you can use to get more clients on social media in the next 30 days. These 2 tactics work like a charm.

Now, before we delve into the tactics, let’s first discuss some fundamentals principles you have to remember if you want to implement these with success

Business obeys a set of principles that if you play by its rules, success is guaranteed. The reason why many entrepreneurs struggle is that they never fully tap into business & marketing principles.

Just like the body operates on the principles of breathing, eat, and rest, or things like Newton’s laws for physics, business is no different 

So, what are those principles? There are a number of them, but to make your marketing irresistible as you try to grow your client base, these 2 owe to be sufficient.

As I expand on each principle, I will share the exact tactic you owe to use to implement it in your business

Likable & like me

Walk into a networking event, you will notice that people gravitate towards people that seem a lot like them. This isn’t because of social anxieties, but because as a species we tend to gravitate towards people that we feel an affinity with. It’s a psychological trait. As a species, we are prone to want to “gather”, a phenomenon known as herd movement. Just like a lot of other specimens, we want to belong to a herd. Hence why we gravitate toward people with whom we share similar traits.

So, how can you tap into this in your business? Well, content marketing is one tactic you want to use to start using this principle. With your content start sharing stories. Stories are one of the best ways to connect with an audience because it allows people to see you beyond the just polished brand that you may put up, and see the person.

Even if you are a product-based business, sharing stories on how you came up with the idea and how your brand was started makes people fall in love with the products as it gives it meaning.

Be approachable. Invite people to directly reach out to you in the Dms as you share content on social media. Listen, when people decide to follow you it is often because there is something about something you shared that appealed to them. Inviting connection & conversation allows them to get to know you and finally trust you, and we all know that Know, Like, & Trust is essentially why people buy

Social Proof

Remember the conversation around herd movement? Well, it still serves its purpose here. Something about human nature is that we can be highly averse to risk. The economic theory that takes a deep dive into risk aversion indicates that a person that exhibits risk aversion will tend to prefer certainty over uncertainty.

When you as a business can provide proof that others have taken the risk, and that turned out fine, then people can breathe easy when they owe to take out their credit card to shop at your establishment

Think about it, when you log into your Amazon account to make a purchase, if you are anything like the average buyer, you check out the review section.

If you see a number of 5-star reviews, you are more likely to buy the product.

Tapping into testimonials and reviews is one of the surest ways to persuade people to buy what you have to sell because you reverse the risk of them feeling buyer’s remorse

Social media is incredibly powerful as a tool for businesses, but can also be tricky to navigate as a small business owner. Some social platforms may be better for reaching a certain type of clientele while others might be more effective at generating leads, it’s important you know and understand your ideal client’s behavior to best target them, and know which pieces of content will connect with them.

The key to getting clients on social media channels is two-fold: you need to attract people and then convert those visitors

Unfortunately, many small businesses and startups have no idea how to harness their potential. Fortunately, this article can help you increase your social media presence and get more clients in the process. This is done through content & lowering the risk of doing business with you by showing them that other people are also doing business with you.

 Since this is an evolving field, it’s important that you be okay with testing a lot. Take a look at the results of your efforts to see what’s working. If you start seeing different results from your social media efforts, shift your focus accordingly.

Follow the ideas we’ve listed above and watch as your social media generate countless clients for you

Tanya Kabuya

Tanya Kabuya is a Business Coach and Marketing strategist who works with people of influence such as speakers, coaches, entrepreneurs, authors, consultants, and content creators to amplify their marketing message and increase their impact while remaining true to their core. Her work centers around teaching her clients to leverage their knowledge and experience to create premium group coaching programs that attract high paying clients. She is the Founder & CEO of Wizz Digital Academy, an online academy aimed at guiding entrepreneurs. Looking to productize their knowledge and create online businesses.

She started out online in 2018 as a freelance direct response copywriter, course designer, and funnel builder. Her desire to serve others continuously tugged at her heart to expand into coaching, which has since evolved into a thriving coaching business with a growing community on Facebook of people of Influence

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