10 Productive Things to Do After Work That Don’t Involve Screen Time

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    February 22, 2024
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10 Productive Things to Do After Work That Don’t Involve Screen Time

Work can be stressful. Even if you love what you do during the day, you need time to unwind once you get home or log off the computer. When you’ve spent all day staring at screens, you need a break from them to help your eyes adjust and to help you live in the present moment. These productive activities can get you away from your phone or television and help you get things done in the afternoon and evening. Read on 10 Productive Things to Do After Work That Don’t Involve Screen Time.

10 Productive Things to Do After Work That Don’t Involve Screen Time

1. Start an Exercise Regimen

One of the most productive things you can do after work is take care of your body, especially if you’ve been in a stagnant sitting position for eight or so hours. Even just a few minutes of exercise can make a difference in how you feel. By exercising every day, you may achieve your fitness goals sooner and you can work up to big goals, like running a marathon.

2. Read a Book

If you’re not a reader, now is the perfect time to pick up a book and start a new habit. Strengthen your brain by making a habit out of reading, no matter what book you choose. You might feel better if you read a few pages every day. In time, you’ll see yourself grow.

3. Color a Picture

If you’re more the type to enjoy coloring books over printed words, consider getting a few that have mesmerizing pictures. Depending on your level of focus, you may opt for something more intricate or simpler. Coloring a picture requires your concentration, as you have to pay attention to the lines and which colors you’re using. It’s a great way to remove your mind from work and move it to your present task.

4. Clean the House

Cleaning may be one of the last things you want to do after a potentially stressful day at work, but it can ensure you have a sparkling home that you can enjoy to the fullest on weekends and your other time off. Consider putting on some music to make the chores more fun or enlist other household members to make it a competition of who can get the most done in the shortest amount of time.

5. Enjoy Time in Nature

Spending time in nature has countless mental and physical health benefits. A stroll through a nearby park can boost your mood and give you much-needed fresh air after a long day at work. Even if you live in a city, there are millions of acres in U.S. state and national parks available in every state. 

6. Spice Up Your Self-Care Routine

You don’t have to work on something actively to feel a sense of productivity. Sometimes — especially after a stressful day — an evening of self-care is required. Do what you need to do to help you feel more like yourself again and you may be ready to do something seemingly more productive the next day. You should always take care of yourself before something like home improvement.

7. Cultivate a Garden

You can grow a garden both indoors and outdoors. When you cultivate herbs or flowers inside, you can get ahead of the growing season and reap bounties you wouldn’t be able to before the weather is right. This way, you can enjoy pops of color or herbs in your food year-round — and you’ll have the added pride of having grown them yourself.

8. Try a New Recipe

Make it a goal to make one new recipe per week if you find yourself in a cooking rut. Consider the likes and dislikes of your household, then try to make something that everyone will enjoy. Sometimes, it can be a great stress relief if you need to bake for yourself. Following a recipe in a cookbook makes it so you won’t have time to look at a screen while you’re getting your new dish ready.

9. Journal Your Thoughts

Journaling is one of the easiest ways to help support your mental health. In fact, writing out your thoughts and feelings can help you prioritize your goals and sort out your worries so you can effectively deal with them later. Whether you journal about your day or what you’re feeling, you may feel much freer after you write everything down.

10. Meditate for a Few Minutes

Meditation can set your mind straight and bridge the connection between your brain and body. If you’ve had a stressful day, meditation can help you relax and bring you back to the present, where you can focus on having fun alone or with the rest of your household. Spend a few minutes in silence, just concentrating on your breathing. This time will benefit you by reducing stress and helping you feel more in tune with yourself.

Learn to Thrive Without Screens

In a world where social media can be addictive and you can lose hours of your day to a screen, you need to actively search for something that pulls you back into the present moment. Spending time away from screens can help you live in the moment and learn skills to improve your life. Sometimes you can learn new skills like hostess skills. These activities are just some of the great opportunities you have to live a few hours without a screen while helping you unwind from a long day.

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