10 Hobbies You Can Turn Into Successful Businesses in 2023

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    January 22, 2023
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10 Hobbies You Can Turn Into Successful Businesses in 2023

Many economists predict that 2023 will bring an economic downturn, although you may have already begun to tighten your belt to keep pace with out-of-control price hikes. The best way to prepare is to do what you can to reduce your expenses and increase your income. Read on to find out the 10 Hobbies You Can Turn Into Successful Businesses in 2023.

However, you might already struggle with burnout from the demands of the workplace, and the thought of becoming beholden to another employer threatens your mental health. Why not become your own boss? Even if you don’t have any extra capital, you can often turn a profit from the things you already love to do in your spare time. It might take longer to build your empire, but you’ll enjoy the journey.

What are some fun activities you can use to pad your savings?

Here are 10 hobbies you can turn into successful businesses in 2023.

1. Antiquing

If you live by the motto, “one person’s trash is another’s treasure,” antiquing could be your perfect side hustle. Your chances of a big payoff increase exponentially if you have specialized knowledge of goods that ordinary people pass by as junk. Yard and estate sales and local thrift shops abound with collectibles like old baseball cards and vintage equipment that you can pick up for cheap, refurbish with love, and resell to the highest bidder on sites like eBay.

Please don’t worry if you aren’t tech-savvy or have the equipment to take quality pictures for online listings. Consignment shops offer a straightforward commission schedule that lets you know exactly what you can expect for each item. Once you find a vendor you love, you have an easy one-stop location for pawning your refurbished treasures.

2. Photography

Those who adore transforming their vision into artwork can make a tidy side living as a photographer. You have multiple routes to make a successful business out of this hobby.

Are you more casual, only taking pictures when the mood strikes you? If so, look into online sites where you can earn a commission for selling the rights. As a groovy bonus, you might stumble across your work on various websites and videos as you scroll through social media.

Those who prefer a structured schedule can hang out a shingle and take photos at graduations and baby showers. While you may have to work harder to build a reputation, you’ll be rewarded with a steady stream of clients once you do.

3. Blogging

Do you love to write? Why not bring in extra income as a blogger?

You can find freelance gigs paying anywhere from $15 to $100 or more for articles. Designing your own blog is a must, even if you only broadcast news about your services. Fortunately, today’s web builders make it easy to do without mastering WordPress.

You can also monetize your blog through the following methods:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Advertising
  • Ebooks
  • Courses
  • Digital products
  • Coaching services
  • Sponsorships

4. Child Care

Most traditional jobs don’t let you take your kiddo to work with you outside of a single day in April. This rule keeps kids safer but creates problems for single parents whose paycheck doesn’t afford childcare but who need extra cash.

Why not circumvent the issue by offering childcare services? Many states have relatively easy licensing rules that’ll approve you to take care of strangers’ kiddos in your home. You can also babysit in a client’s location, although you should always clear it with them first if you plan on bringing your children with you.

5. House Cleaning

Some people find putting things in order supremely satisfying. If you fall into this camp, why not hang out your shingle as a housecleaner?

The easiest way to start is likely in your own neighborhood, with people who already know and trust you. Ask for testimonials to build your reputation, invest in an inexpensive set of business cards to leave at local vendors, and use social media sites like Nextdoor to advertise.

6. Event Planning

Are you a master of coordinating the perfect party? If your workplace always ropes you into organizing after-hours social events, why not get paid for that talent by becoming an event coordinator?

You’ll need a website and business cards to get your name out there. After establishing the basics, start attending local events and mingling with the hosts. Use each successful event to add to your portfolio and attract future clients.

7. Handy Help

Can you swing a hammer? If you’re skilled in a trade, you can turn your carpentry hobby into a successful business in 2023.

You might not need specialized knowledge, like how to run electrical wires. Plenty of homeowners would love their facade pressure-washed or their deck stained, and it doesn’t take years of training to get proficient with a paintbrush. Read on for more Hobbies You Can Turn Into Successful Businesses.

8. Bookkeeping

Those with a knack for numbers can help other small business owners keep their books in order. If you adore balancing your checkbook, look into this field – you can complete much of your work from your dining room table or home office.

Best of all, you can hone your skills for free with online study. Consider looking into such a course if you’re a busy parent scrambling for ways to make extra cash while your kids sleep.

9. Pet Sitting

Today’s hectic lifestyles mean many pet parents lack sufficient time for Fido or Fifi. If you love the furry set, why not take up pet sitting?

This hobby can help you shed pounds while starting a successful business in 2023. Did you resolve to increase your daily step count? Why not advertise your dog-walking services and land regular Monday through Friday clients so you don’t always have to wait for folks to vacation to earn some side cash?

10. Custom Crafting

Maybe nothing soothes your soul like knitting after a rough day at the office. If you make custom creations, people will pay you for your efforts.

Nowadays there are many ways to sell custom products. For example, you can dropship products with your custom designs without the burden of managing inventory or handling logistics. Design custom phone cases, t-shirts or even tote bags and leave manufacturing and shipping to Printify.

Connect with customers by starting an Etsy shop and advertising your products. Use social media to broadcast your wares and ask customers to leave reviews to help you establish your reputation.

10 Hobbies You Can Turn Into Successful Businesses in 2023. Turn Your Hobby Into a Successful Side Hustle

Extra money is always a blessing, especially during uncertain economic times. However, it’s equally vital to have time for what you love to do in life. Why not double down by adopting one of these fun hobbies you can turn into a successful business in 2023? You’ll enjoy your pastime more when you have the peace of mind that comes with extra cash for a rainy day. Read how to write a business plan here.

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